Day and Night Ltd.

5100 Gorna Orjahovitsa
Ivan Momchilov str, 5
Fax: +359 618 60433

Day and Night Ltd. is one of the biggest producers of wafers in Bulgaria. Our production corresponds to the strictest European norms and quality requirements. The goods are produced under the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and following the good production and hygiene practices in the factory.

A new line for production of wafers with and without chocolate cover was installed in 2006 that allowed a competent and adequate response to market demand. In this way the company discovered new development areas and in the near future there will be solutions for even better realization at the market nationwide and internationally.

The organization and supervision of production is handled by the existing team of marketing managers, specialists in production management, HACCP team and responsible persons for the compliance with the systems of food safety and control.

The company has implemented systems of quality management and food safety in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.