Biovet AD

3а Nikolay Haytov Str.
1113 Sofia
Tel: + 359 2 868 2095
Fax: + 359 2 862 5334

BIOVET AD is a leading European manufacturer and marketer of medicated and nutritional feed additives, enzymes, bulk active substances and pharmaceuticals for farm animal productivity and animal health. The company offers intermediates, active ingredients and medicines for the human pharmaceuticals industry. We provide enzymes, enzyme complexes and other ingredients for the baking, brewing, juice production, alcohol production, wine-making, oil extraction, pharmaceuticals, paper, detergents, leather and textiles industries.

Biovet was established in 1954, more than 50 years ago. The first manufacturing plant was dedicated to the production of just one major animal health antibiotic. Throughout the decades, Biovet has been manufacturing a range of veterinary and human products in response to the changing market demands. Today, the product portfolio includes over 80 products for animal health, human health and enzymes.

Since its founding, the company has grown significantly. We increased our workforce and expanded our production facilities several times, established a Research and Development department and built a waste water treatment facility. Over the recent years we have made significant investments in plant upgrades, equipment automation, and construction of new production areas, laboratories and warehouses. At present, the administrative and production complex extends over an area of approximately 150 000 m2.

Our company headquarters is located in the town of Peshtera, Bulgaria, 120 km southeast of the country’s capital, Sofia. Peshtera is situated in a picturesque valley in the Rhodopi mountains – area of pristine natural beauty where keeping the environment clean is of top priority. Most administrative and manufacturing activities are carried out at headquarters. The R&D center is also located in Peshtera.

In addition to Peshtera, Biovet has manufacturing facilities in two other locations in Bulgaria and one in Macedonia. Biovet’s second manufacturing facility in Bulgaria is in Botevgrad and it is dedicated to the manufacting of enzymes. Biovet’s third manufacturing location in Bulgaria is in Razgrad. We acquired Balkanpharma – Razgrad from Actavis (Iceland) in July 2005. Biovet’s fourth manufacturing location is in Shtip, Macedonia. This plant was also acquired from Actavis (Iceland).

Biovet plays a vital role in the community because we care greatly about the towns we operate in and their citizens. We employ over 1000 people and we offer special benefits to them and their families. We provide financial assistance to local county institutions and organizations and we sponsor community events. We played an important role in the creation of a gas distribution network to households in Peshtera.