Respect Consult Ltd

154 Maritsa Boulevard, block А,
floors 9 & 10
Hebros Business Center
Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
tel./fax: +359 32 666 990

Respect Consult Ltd was founded in 1997 in the city of Plovdiv. It was established by two people – Katerina Gushkova, Master in Economics and Law and lawyer Vahram Eramyan, both of whom started earning the trust of their clients. With the growth of the company’s work the employees number also increased and now the company is one of the biggest in the whole country. Respect Consult has more than 20 highly qualified lawyers, economists and administrative staff.

Throughout service in one place – this has been our aim and objective since the establishment of Respect Consult in 1997. We provide comprehensive consulting services to citizens and legal entities in the legal, financial and tax areas. In one office the client receives a full package of services for his business and by doing so he saves time in searching for solutions to various problems.

We specialize in both resolving legal disputes and providing competent and timely advice on where, how and in what to invest. We are a trusted partner of many Bulgarian and foreign companies when entering into financial and commercial agreements. A special emphasis in our work is providing legal advice in the field of energy and natural recourses, the implementation of large investment projects, Commercial law, construction investments and real estate.

We are proud with the fact that major Bulgarian and foreign investors trusted Respect Consult with the acquisition of property, with the rent in industrial zones within the country and also with the purchasing and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our experts are involved in the implementation of some of the largest real estate deals in Bulgaria. Respect Consult has extensive experience in land consolidation.

Our team consists of energetic, highly-qualified and responsible professionals – attorneys, lawyers, economists and accountants. Some of them have worked in state, county and municipal governments and insurance companies, giving them different experience and broad knowledge in the administrative jurisdiction and contacts. The organized team continuously enriches its knowledge and monitors changes in the legal, financial and tax equilibrium in the country.

Our main tools in solving cases are knowledge, experience, individual approach and creative and unconventional thinking.

We foster our desire to build long-term partnerships with our clients and other consulting companies, based on mutual trust and ethical relationships.

Competent and timely consultation is part of the path to progressive development in both professional and personal plan.