Krago EOOD

Plovdiv 4000
76, Sixth September blvd.
floor 1, office 2
Tel: +359 32 644 977
Fax: +359 32 644 988

Krago EOOD is registered according to firm act No.3975/1996 of Plovdiv district court. In the 1996 the Company has as a basic subject of activity doing of building-fitting works, production and installation of aluminium doors and windows and commercial equipments. The Company has as a basic subject of activity doing of building-fitting works, production and installation of aluminium doors and windows and commercial equipments.

With a view to the quick development of Krago EOOD in the 1999, except of the production of aluminium doors and windows, we mastered and started the production and the installation of German plastics doors and windows “SALAMANDER” and of the Turkish plastics doors and windows “VERA TEK”.

In the close collaboration with the biggest building company SIENIT OOD, we realized building projects of world renown companies as LIBHER, FERRERO, SOKOTAB, BULSAFIL, MIROGLIO etc. The Company dispose of competent and motivated personnel of well prepared technical specialists – designers, engineers, technologists, including such one’s, trained in seats of  “SALAMANDER” in Germany and “ALUMIL” – in Republic of Greece.

We dispose also with newly built and modern equipped , according to the latest word of technology, production base, in two individual production departments, warehouse and main office, in the representative part of town of Plovdiv, as well as with transport vehicles, among them, cars, trucks and platform cranes. The management personnel is prepared at European level and in keeping with administrative-legal and economic situation of the business in Republic of Bulgaria. The Company is attended to a subscription by, proved in the field of commercial law, book-keeping and lawyer’s offices.

Krago EOOD is consolidated on the market in the field of the building and commercial equipment as one of the leading companies, especially in the field of production of aluminium and plastics doors and windows. Only in the region of Plovdiv the Company has about 42 % share of market in the competition with about 160 another companies, working legally or not in the same field. With the view to applying of the new technologies in the building since 2002 in Krago EOOD we mastered and started production and installation of hung facades and facing of edifices with composite materials.

The Company is equipped with specialized technique for installation of hung facades. In the 2006 is implanted a system for control of quality and is received certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000. The policy related to the quality is the basic law of the company, in which the high ranking management determines the strategic purposes for continually development and perfection of the organization and the way on which Krago EOOD is meeting the expected and supposed needs of its clients. The policy related to the quality is built on the basis of analysis of the present situation of the company, analysis of the market and the expectations of the clients. Responsibility for the carrying out and actualizing of the policy related to the quality bear the Director. All employees are acquainted with the declared policy by means of its distribution in all departments and production teams and by means of the training of the personnel related to the System for control of the quality.

Part of the purposes related to the quality are with measurable indices, which after processing and analysis of the data from the functioning of the processes can be proved and improved. The policy related to the quality as document is controlled by the Representative of the Management.