Guangdong Zhong De E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Guangdong, China
Tel: + 86 189 2268 7333

Guangdong Zhong De E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was founded in December 11, 2013 with its core business in bidirectional e-commerce between China and Germany. We act as a brand and distribution agency and our task is to bring goods from Germany and Europe into the Chinese market not only through traditional distribution channels but also through a unique cross-border e-commerce platform. Our business scope includes trade, logistics, marketing, retail and distribution of European products including general merchandise, clothing, footwear, luggage, cosmetics, baby products, hardware, metal products, plastic products, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories, high-end cars, advanced customized car import, auto parts and many others. In addition to the online platform and our official website featuring German brands, we have also developed a smart-phone based shopping application in order to ensure convenient access to the shop and to ensure the authenticity of the goods provided. Along with the PC platform, we have set up an exhibition and commercial center with physical stores in Jieyang that complement the online shopping experience. The exhibition and commercial center also includes a German beer hall, and a marine eco-tourism resort. Zhong De E-Commerce Co., Ltd has warehouses both in Jieyang and Germany: a warehouse in Jieyang covering 10,000 square meters, with a bonded warehouse area of ​​3,000 square meters; a warehouse in Berlin, Germany, covering 1,000 square meters and in Dusseldorf – about ​​6,000 square meters. This is how we manage to fully meet the development needs of cross-border e-commerce by providing solid logistics support and solutions. Having our headquarters in Jieyang, we have also set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, ensuring bidirectional resource gathering and access to two of the most important consumer groups in China – those in Guangdong and in the Shanghai area.