Project Call: KOSTINBROD Project

– Development of a new concept of resort to be built on two plots of 40 ha and 140 ha located in Kostinbrod, 35 km North of the capital Sofia

– First holiday resort in Sofia region in this category – limited number of: leisure parks, resorts and waterparks in vicinity

– New type of development in Bulgaria

– Possibility to expand in future phases within current sites

– Temperate continental climate 20-30°C summer – 0-5°C winter – distinctive seasons

– Both parks open all-year-round – sufficient indoor facilities

– Separated entrances to two plots

– Connect to capital city – easy access – disconnect to reconnect

– Small families – multiple families together

– Connection between privacy and being together

– Possibility to develop real estate on the small plot first due to: quick adjustments in zoning plan small plot and in order to finance the development of the large plot

Project Call: KOSTINBROD Project

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