Board of Management

Ангел ХристозовAngel Hristozov is the Chairman of Bulgarian-Chinese Business Development Association. He had worked as various management-level positions at the Ministry of Interior for many years, and has been participating actively in the area of construction business since 1989. Mr. Hristozov was born in 1943. He received his degree in Law from University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Лидия ШулеваLydia Shouleva is the Deputy Chairman of Bulgarian Chinese Business Development Association. She was elected as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy during 2003 – 2005, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs during 2001 – 2003. Ms. Shouleva received her post-graduate degree in Electronics from HIE “Karl Marx”, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1990 and degree in Electronics from Technical University “Lenin”, Sofia, Bulgarian in 1980.

katerina_glushkovaKaterina Gushkova is a Second Deputy Chairman and Managing Partner of Bulgarian Chinese Business Development Association. Ms. Gushkova is part of the expert team that created the first industrial zones in Bulgaria. In this area she has extensive experience and is sought for consultations regarding the implementation of major investment projects, serving commercial and administrative centers, in construction and in real estate, in finance and loans. At international level, she has helped many foreign companies to do successful business in Bulgaria.