Euro-China Economic Development Zone


Euro-China Economic Development Zone is one of our newest economic zones. Located within the Trakia Economic Zone, it has been designed specifically to suit the demand of the vast growing markets between Europe and China. With business considerations in mind, it provides not only the best logistic locations but also the attractive incentives from the local government.

The investment opportunity is a part of a big project Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ) which includes 6 industrial zones/areas around the city of Plovdiv with a total size of 1,070 ha – 325 ha of which are already developed and occupied. The amount of EUR 1 billion has been invested in “green field” projects with total built-up area of 845,000 sq.m over 325 ha, more than 100 investors have been attracted and 80% of them are international companies, over 12,000 new workplaces have been created.

The concept of the project is to establish an exhibition, logistics and trade center for Chinese goods, modern logistics centre for export from China to Europe, Africa, and Russia and an exhibition and trade centre for European goods targeting the Chinese market. A permanent European trade exhibition (fair) will be established, where through different online models this centre will service clients all over the world and will contribute to the trade and cultural exchange between Europe and China.

The investment opportunity includes development of a total built-up area (TBA) 600,000 sq.m over the land plots with a total size 100 ha (1,000,000 sq.m) a mix of modern logistic and commercial space (Logistics buildings TBA 200,000 sq.m, commercial buildings 200,000sq.m, offices 100,000sq.m and quality residential accommodation 100,000sq.m).